Well. There it is– the wrap-up! This was all a giant experiment for me. I had never written a longform comic.

If I now turn it into a printed edition, there are things I want to go back and change. It probably gets too wordy in the middle. Some characters are what I would consider “off model” visually in the first third or so.

Also, times have changed since I first wrote the rough draft for this. I now feel I need to soften the “freaks” aspect, and have Dirtnap have a stronger arc of disrespect-to-respect. I wrote this for the “kid me” and I was fascinated by freak shows and such. Now that it’s done, I need to think about the “grown-up me.”

If you have thoughts on the overall story, or weak aspects, I would LOVE to hear them!

Thanks for coming along for the ride.