(Edited 9/23)

I’m back! I was on hiatus. In my original post, I mentioned the strip would return on 9/23. I must have looked at the calendar wrong. I meant to return on a TUESDAY (my regular update day), which would be 9/24. My mistake, so today, on MONDAY, I present the rest of page 155. (which I stopped in the middle of—) Please come back tomorrow, TUESDAY, to see page 156!

To recap: Our villain, DK, who is now half-vampire/half-werewolf is covered in his own saliva. He has just ripped Omar, the one-man circus, into nearly two pieces. Celina, Sam and Dirtnap are doing their best to stop DK from terrorizing the entire world!

Oh! You might find this interesting— While I’m working on a page, any panel is fair game for changes. I redrew the position of Dirtnap’s arm in the first panel to better go with the visual flow and reflect the one he just lost. I also made DK hairier. Originally, the half page I posted looked like this—


End of edit. Here’s my original post—

Hi readers. Thank you so much to my Patreon supporters! I would feel guilty keeping the account open while I go on hiatus again. I will be closing the (Patreon) account. First, however, I need to tally up the names to be included in the Trade Paperback (that I’m planning for the future). I’m juggling a lot of things right now. Working on DIRTNAP is one of my very favorite things, but delaying it is unavoidable. See you in the Fall of ’19, September 23!